DUO Art Gallery by Rain Ng



About Us

Duo is born for natural beauty. Beauty need not flawless but reflecting the real and hidden one. To capture the true and pure affectionate moments, preserve them in the photo ever and after is our goal.

Duo gives 1 photo 2 artistic conceptions:

Original copies provide much food for thought, re-touched versions astonish everyone. Duo lets you see who you really are.

Rain Ng, photographer of Duo, believes that capturing the touching moment delicately always make photos remarkable.

Through the records of the memorial sweetness, bride or groom can recall the precious minutes they remembered or missed, yet photos here come alive. In spite of the photographic practice may be similar, the special characters and stylish dispositions from the couple, under a variety of creative layouts, combining with lively contrasted light and shadow, directing by the distinct sensitivity and passion of the photographer, the shooting experience is never be more unique, natural and valuable. Photography is interesting also exciting. No matter catching the primodial beauty or modifying to the ultimate beauty, Rain Ng seize every moment by his heart.



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